Boat rental in Ibiza

The nautical tourism is a very important activity for the economy of the region since little by little it has taken more followers, it is a very popular practice, it is the best way to combine the navigation with the vacations, to this you can add recreational activities as fishing, diving, jet skiing and kayaking, there are companies specialized in the rental of recreational boats, this sector of boat rental in Ibiza , offers you comfort when traveling and have the necessary equipment to enjoy your vacation without worrying about anything.

Steps to follow for boat rentals in Ibiza.
You must reserve the boat with time, especially if it is high season.
If you have doubts about what type of boat to rent and what route to take, ask for advice from your trusted charter, he will be able to guide you on what type of boat suits your plans and family group.
It is important to inform if the boat rental will be with skipper, number of people and places you want to visit, this in order that the charter can verify the availability of the boat, the skipper and set the navigation itinerary.
Depending on the boat, its size and if the person who is going to rent does not have the necessary permits, you must hire a professional employer to manage the ship, the agency can provide it.
Once the agreements of the boat rental are detailed, all the paperwork is done and the contract is signed, the rules of the use of the boat are informed.
The rent and the deposit are canceled.
Before delivering the boat, a small induction of safety and handling of the boat is done, it is important to verify that the ship is delivered in good condition and clean.
Once the crossing is over, the ship is delivered to the company in the port, which is responsible for checking and verifying that the ship has not suffered damage, if it is in perfect condition, the deposit paid at the beginning of the travel.
Boats with discounts on boat rentals in Ibiza .
Barracuda Ibiza the main boat rental in Ibiza , offers discount on some of their boats, some of them are:

Astondoa 40 Open
Absolute 40 STL
Absolute 45
Azure 298
Bavaria 28 Sport
Beneteau Flyer 12
Chaparral 230 SSi
Cranchi 43
y muchos más

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